The 1 Undershaft Tower Welcomes Engagement From London Residents

London is home to quite a few iconic skyscrapers, but very few will be as tall as 1 Undershaft, which will be the second-tallest tower in London and in all of the UK. What's notable about this particular tower is the fact that it will be home to the UK's highest public viewing gallery as well as its highest restaurant.

Designed by architect Eric Parry of Aroland Holdings, this building will be nearly 295 feet tall. Its base will play home to a public square and an elevated reception space that will allow people to walk right under the building. The public viewing gallery will be accessible via dedicated elevators, and will offer unparalleled views of the city of London.

1 Undershaft is different from other skyscrapers in that it embraces the public rather than isolate the majority of them, thanks largely to its elevated public square and free viewing gallery.