- Jul 19, 2013
When it comes to modern footwear designs, retailers are continuing to create options that are bold and flamboyant in order to cater to a much more expressive generation, and these winged shoe designs are some excellent examples of how adding accessories to a shoe can make it pop with style.

While some shoppers might prefer choosing footwear options that are subtle and monotone in design, these outrageously bold winged shoes are more for those who want something eye-catching and original to wear on their feet. Fusing tales of mythology with modern day pop culture references and bold colors, these winged shoe designs are making an otherwise mundane item such as a wing into a strikingly bold shoe accessory.

From winged jean kicks to celestial shoes, these winged footwear designs will certainly have shoe fanatics craving to have one of their own.

From Cartoonish Shoe Accessories to Totem Poll-Inspired Sneakers: