From Smiley Faces to Bacon, These Bandages Heal with Fun

 - Jul 13, 2011
These whimsical band-aids will definitely get you out of that funky feeling of getting a cut. Rather than the average oat-brown color that can sometimes be depressing, these band-aid designs are colorful and fun.

From band-aids with smiley faces on them to ones adorned with some mouth-watering bacon, these whimsical band-aids will have you feeling better in no time. Nobody wants to look down at their cut and be reminded of it; these band-aids take your mind off the matter at hand with their playful designs.

These whimsical band-aids could be your best bet the next time you need to heal yourself.

Implications - Consumers in modern society are looking for items that offer an element of whimsy. Products that are entertaining while completing a practical function are appealing to those who want to complete their tasks in a fun way. Companies trying to increase its appeal could focus on this desire for a larger element of spontaneity.