Let LA's ‘Water Police' Inspire Conservation

 - Jan 11, 2009
In Los Angeles, the arid climate and ever-burgeoning population has caused the Department of Water and Power to zero in on water conservation like never before. The state of California is in the process of exploring a number of water-saving measures to implement statewide.

Simultaneously, a team of fifteen Los Angeles officers have been dubbed the ‘Water Police.’ Their job is to investigate the thousands of tips they receive daily about water-wasters and cite these offenders appropriately. Although some homeowners get off with a warning, others are hit with fines that begin at $100 and appear automatically on their utility bills, according to the Associated Press.

While in Los Angeles, the Water Police are looking primarily for homeowners who use sprinklers between 9 AM and 4 PM or those who clean their driveways with water rather than a broom, we all could benefit from a closer look at our water intake. The inventions and innovations below are designed specifically to save water wherever possible.