PlayPumps Demonstrate Fun Ecopreneurship

 - Dec 17, 2008
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In an increasingly thirsty world, PlayPumps International installs merry-go-rounds (also known as roundabouts or run abouts) that pump water when kids play on them. The simplicity of the system is elegant: Kids play, and water pumps. Entire villages gain access to clean drinking water without the intense labor and time investment required before the pumps were installed. Crops can be irrigated. Sanitation becomes easier to achieve. Time once spent gathering water is available for family, community and education.

The pumps are funded by donations and by the revenues from outdoor advertising on reservoir towers.

Playpumps also provides educational information, downloadable action kits, and a Facebook group where you can join or lend support.

This is ecopreneurship at its best, incorporating need, innovation, beneficiary participation, and social good into a single forward-looking solution.

Photo Credit: The Gallery images here are courtesy of PlayPump International and their advocates.