From Ramp-Rife Residences to Funky Funhouse Architecture

 - Jul 23, 2012
While some prefer to cruise on old school playgrounds, these unreal skate parks will have you itching for adrenaline-rushing ramps. Skateboarding is a culture in itself, where those who love the sport practice day and night to perfect their style.

Most local skateboarding parks are designed with concave ramps and board-grazing rails for hair-raising tricks. These unreal skate parks can be found in all sorts of spaces, ranging from the swimming pool to the living room. Religious boarders would kill to be able to skate circles in the comforts of their home. If space is limited and you can't dedicate a full room just for 360 flips, perhaps furniture designed for skateboarding is more up your alley.

Live on the wild side and check out these unreal skate parks that are guarantee to blow your minds.