These Uncommon Office Spaces Boost Creativity and Collaboration

 - Jul 20, 2016
As companies and brands move toward more flexible work ethos, unique office designs are meant to capture and facilitate that process. With collaborative spaces, beautiful art and lounge areas, offices are now becoming spaces of both work and play.

One such office is that of the software company 'Verint.' The office is centered around nature -- a beautiful balance to the digital world that the company's employees are constantly delving into. An especially beautiful part of this unique office design sits in its lobby -- with a wall that is covered in vegetation.

'Sonos' went the opposite route in the design of its office, with a layout that openly reflects the company's audio-focused products. The space is designed to be highly interactive with a secret room in which employees and visitors are able to test out Sonos' products. This space along with its various lounge areas and multi-person workstations makes the environment both playful and collaborative, while still focusing on productivity.