From Cheeky Tongue Piercings to Tongue-Controlled Gadgets

 - Apr 30, 2010   Updated: Jun 16 2011
In case you are looking at upgrading the old tea-taster any time soon, I have put together these twisted tongue innovations to scare (or inspire) you.

You know how much it hurts when you bite that thing--imagine having someone splitting it in two! Makes a Prince Albert sound pleasant. Regardless of where your tastes trend, you'll get good and squeamish looking at these twisted tongue innovations.

Implications - In today's society, it is difficult to stand out and be an individual. These twisted tongue innovations demonstrate how consumers are willing to perform unorthodox procedures in order to garner attention. To capitalize on this, companies should realize how their advertising and design techniques can also use this unconventional approach to stand out over leading competitors and appeal to consumers.