From Formal Wear-Inspired Jumpers to Formal Gadget Cases

 - Aug 31, 2012
These tuxedo-inspired creations turn the idea of the traditional formal fashion commonly referred to as a "penguin suit" on its head.

For the majority of people, especially ladies, the term tuxedo brings to mind picture of a suave and confident individual of a James Bond, secret spy caliber. This does not necessarily mean that tuxedo wearers must be male. In fact, this previously male-oriented garment has in recent years been transformed and adopted by female stylists. With an array of formalized frocks, blazers and even lingerie, women have been given an equal playing field on the tuxedo front.

As tuxedos are reserved for more formal occasions, these tuxedo-inspired creations will allow both men and women to integrate a formal feel into the most unlikely spaces and places of their lives.