From Rorschach Eroticism to Kaleidoscopic Fashion Videos

 - Sep 1, 2011
Let your inner psychedelic psychology geek shine through as you admire these incredibly inventive trippy inkblot treasures, which pay tribute to the awesome art form. The famous Rorschach inkblot tests have recently become a huge influence of mainstream fashion, art and design, even popping up in music videos like 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley. Comic book fans will surely recognize the psychedelic inkblot patterns now featured on everything from dinnerware to clothing from the Rorschach character in the Watchmen graphic novel. As a fan of the book and movie myself, I'd be proud to sport these inkblot fashions any time.

All of these trippy inkblot treasures are packed full of personality and add a splash of fun to everyday items and traditional photography. Check out these magnificently mental finds for some cool creative inspiration.