From Smartphone Photography Totes to Toy Block Camcorders

 - Aug 9, 2012
Keeping your camera steady is one the biggest challenges for budding photographers, which is why these tripods are so helpful when it comes to capturing your Kodak moments.

Whether you need something ultra-light and portable or durable and rugged, there are a number of tripods available on today's market. Holding a camera straight may seem like a no-brainer task, but when you find yourself in back-bending situations, it can become a daunting challenge. Tripods like the Gorrilapod allow photographers to hang their cameras onto surfaces like trees and telephone poles.

Even if you aren't a professional DSLR-wielding photographer, you can avoid blurry camera snaps with a compact smartphone tripod. Concentrate more on the moment rather than keeping your shot straight with these terrifically functional tripods.