From GPS Golf Gadgets to Customizable Digital Chronographs

 - Aug 28, 2012
Most watches don't want you touching their face, but these touch-friendly timepieces aren't like most watches. These conceptual time trackers and real-world wristwatches require you to run your fingers across their faces in order to make full use of them. Watches with touchscreens are infinitely more functional than watches with buttons and dials. The touch-friendly timepieces featured here can help you fix your golf swing, make a phone call, help you stay in shape and much, much more.

Nowadays, just about every piece of technology has a touchscreen. Watches have somehow managed to resist the touchscreen charge, but they can't hold out much longer. The fact that a little over half of these touch-friendly timepieces are in production today shows that time is running out for untouchable analog and digital watches.