From Haute Couture Totemic Ink to Colorful Bathroom Art

 - Sep 20, 2011
Totems have become a representation of not only religion, family or kinship traditions, but they have also become a inspiration in architecture, designed, and art -- and these totem-inspired objects prove just that. Their elongated shape and captivating figures evoke a sense of knowledge, tradition and nature.

In North America, totems are part of their history and native culture, which is why shouldn’t be surprised by its influential presence in art and design. Not only in the States, but also in many countries in the world this respectable figure is highly predominate.

Artists around the globe have used the concept of the totem to create bathroom decorations, animalistic fashion lines and even tribal tattoos.

With their tall and authoritative shape, these totem-inspired objects incorporate geometric forms, animal imagery and primary colors to evoke in us magical and unique feelings.