Tine Winther Rysgaard and Trine Kristoffersen's Eco Knitwear Collection

It only takes one glance at the ecological knitwear collection by Tine Winther Rysgaard and Trine Kristoffersen to be stunned. The two fashion designers from The Danish Design Scholl have craftily used inspiration from native American culture to create their eco-awareness line appropriately titled ‘The Cactus, The Bear, and The Mountain.’

Tine Winther Rysgaard and Trine Kristoffersen’s eco knitwear collection, with its stunning color combinations and intricate detailing, was created in a jaw-dropping 11 weeks for the Innovating Sustainable Fashion Competition 2009. Click through the gallery to see more of their designs, then visit Spot On: Textiles to read an exclusive interview with the burgeoning design duo.