From Chic Charitable Shoes to Bearded Botas Kicks

 - Nov 3, 2011
No matter how you feel about TOMS innovations (and its many one-for-one imitations), there is no denying the impact that TOMS has had, as a for-profit social venture, for getting the public to think about the redefinition of the role that businesses should play in giving. These TOMS innovations range from the ever-popular flat shoes to the expansion into eyewear and ballet flats.

From a fashion perspective, one of the most notable TOMS innovations has got to be the Row collaboration. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen lent a hand to bring their high fashion savvy to the recognizable TOMS style. Others cite the eyewear collection as an important step for both the recipients of the glasses and the brand itself.

Of course, the many criticisms of TOMS innovations are valid and must be recognized in the social business community so that the leaders of tomorrow consider how and why models like this fail -- and of course, how and why they succeed.