- Dec 14, 2011
There is no question that thigh-high boots can be fun. Whether you're looking to dress up on Halloween, take a casual jeans and t-shirt outfit to the next level (a la Kardashians), or maybe even spice up your bedroom attire, these boots are just what you need to add some excitement into your wardrobe.

They are perhaps the fiercest type of footwear, and the discomfort of thigh-high boots rarely stops women from indulging in a pair. Available most commonly in black leather or suede, thigh-high boots are now popping up in a range of colors and fabrics, such as snakeskin and even leopard print (you can thank Snooki of Jersey Shore for that one).

Check out this gallery of thigh-high boots to see these shoes at their best.

From Intense Heat Pictorials to Leather Clad Bombshells: