Get Teased, From Seductive Eating to Perfectly Placed Logos

 - Aug 20, 2010   Updated: Jun 9 2011
Magazine covers are known to be the tease of the publication, it's meant to catch a person's eyes and invite them over. Well, noting says "buy me" better than tantalizing magazine covers.

We can only assume that these 20 sexually-charged features sold a ridiculous amount of issues. From scratch-off magazine covers to hand bra celebtography, it's hard to walk pass a magazine cover that's seductive.

Implications - Due to the abundance of technology and media in society, consumers have become desensitized to graphic images. For this reason, in order to catch a potential customer's eye, advertisements need to include shocking imagery or text that will garner attention. Companies striving to appeal to their target markets should keep this in mind when devising advertising campaigns.