Battling the Taliban, From Hot Sauce to Finger Puppets

 - Jul 29, 2009   Updated: Jun 22 2011
The Taliban are a scary bunch of people and acts of terrorism are a plague on our earth that have taken many, many lives. No one knows the solution to a problem this large.

In this cluster there are different ways in which we combat the Taliban and terrorism through social networks, humour and even technology.

We have hope for the future, from Taliban toilet paper to terrorist finger puppets.

Implications - These terrorist tributes demonstrate the popular social fascination with localizing foreign or unnerving ideas. By mixing terrorists with familiar things such as LEGO creations or furry bunny artwork, the general public is better able to cope with ideas and things they may in actuality be fearful of. Corporations looking to introduce radical ideas to the public can expect better adaptability from consumers if the ideas are presented with things the public is generally comfortable with.