From Neon Luxury Carriers to Minimalist Japanese Luggage

 - Feb 23, 2013
Those who love to travel and are looking for some chic pieces of luggage are in luck, because these stylish suitcase designs will make your traveling accessories become part of your fashion statement.

While luggage pieces are often marketed for their practical and durable features, fashion-savvy individuals are looking for something that fits their personal style and flair. These stylishly designed travelling bags are outfitted with some sleek and modern designs, which will surely attract anyone looking to have some visually appealing carry-ons while on-the-go. From luxurious graffiti-printed bags to those that are minimalist in design, these creatively decked-out designs are perfectly suited to satisfy any fashionista.

If you're looking for some traveling accessories that will match your personal sleek style, then these fantastically chic luggage bags will do the trick.