A Folding Suitcase is Sure to Benefit Travellers Everywhere

 - May 19, 2013
References: yankodesign
Travelling often leads to a lot of unplanned shopping, which is why having a folding suitcase is very important for any traveler. Designed by Wang Pan and Libiao Tong, this suitcase concept design showcases a much-needed capability that many suitcases and luggage pieces should have.

The suitcase allows users to expand the size of the suitcase to fit all the stuff they didn’t meant to buy during their week in Tokyo. The design is similar to an accordion, except it doesn’t produce any musical sounds—which is something that the builders of this bag should integrate once it’s made. The folding suitcase can also be turned into an impromptu ironing machine. All you you have to do is pack all your clothes inside and press down on the luggage.