- Sep 12, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
Straws aren't just for drinking anymore. These creations take straws to the next level, from recycled furniture to advertising promotions. The straw chair by Scott Jarvie is colorful, cute, and a political statement all in one. And the straw-vertising publicity stunt by a Hong Kong yoga school is clever and original. The luxury straw is just hilarious.

It's strawsome.

Implications - Recycling is a big part of people's lives today more than ever before. People are becoming aware of the effects of garbage and waste on the planet and often times they will jump at the chance to help in any way they can. This means that recycled innovations such as recycled straw furniture excite consumers because they feel that if they buy into it they are helping the planet.

From Straw Chairs to Strawvertising: