From Retro Rock Couture to Witchy Widow Editorials

 - Dec 11, 2012
Fleetwood Mac is known for being one of the most influential bands of its time and Stevie Nicks-inspired looks were bound to catch on. Stevie Nicks was infamous for her wild antics, her wicked vocals and her fierce style. She was -- and still is -- notorious for her mystical image. Her outfits, hair and accessories were a huge part of her stage presence and becoming famous propelled her status as a trendsetter.

Stevie's looks included ruffles, tons of black garments, chiffon and fringe. Nicks went through decades of fashion evolutions, but her style and influence has remained intact. She portrays rock fashion with conviction and people need to take notes. Stevie was always adventurous when it came to styling and it shows. Stevie Nicks-inspired looks will continue, as the singer evolves and perpetuates her witchy-woman aesthetic.