From Sight-Testing Stockings to Cape-Crusading Knee Highs

 - May 15, 2013
Socks have forever been a go-to outlet for funky people who want to incorporate a little silliness into what they wear, and these detailed sock styles are so funky you may find yourself kicking off your shoes just to show off your fashionable feet.

With such detailed patterns and designs, these socks aren't just for keeping your toes warm. In fact, when you're wearing these silly sock styles the last thing you will want to do is stuff your fashionable feet into a pair of shoes. There is no limit to the crazy world of kooky sock styles. If you feel like bringing some irony into your business casual attire you can easily do so with a pair of psychedelic hippie socks.

Alternatively you can cover your toes with a pair of creepy skeletal socks to show people your edgy side. With so many silly statement socks, you can wear a different pair every day of the week and never run out of new styles. Whether you wear them for laughs or give them as a funny gift, these socks will put a smile on your face whenever you slip them on your feet.

From succulent sustenance socks to breakfast-inspired hosiery, silly sock styles are the calmest way to get a little crazy when you get ready in the morning.