- Aug 11, 2011
With the advent of TOMS, it seems that socially conscious shoes are the new way to wear giving on your sleeve -- or in this case, feet. Recently, USA TODAY used TOMS as an example in the article "Consumers are drawn to products with a charitable connection," which prove, once again, that aesthetics and price aren't the only things that drive consumer habits.

Of course, the extent to which a product is sustainable, animal-friendly, charitable and/or people-friendly, can have enormous impacts on consumer behavior. More than that, however, this list of socially conscious shoes is an example of how social business is -- for better or for worse -- becoming increasingly mainstream as international and local issues are considered more dire. Only time will tell how "social-washing" will affect the social enterprise and social business communities.

From Poverty-Fighting Footwear to African-Sourced Sneakers: