From Pop Artist-Inspired Cases to Integrated Phone Wallets

Smartphone case gifts are the ideal gift for your friend who's notoriously known for dropping his or her iPhone.

If you're someone who cringes every time your friend carelessly drops their phone on the ground or you can't believe how many times they've had to purchase a new phone, it's time to start your Christmas shopping and invest in a sturdy case.

What's great about iPhone cases is not only are they completely useful for protecting precious phones, they come in fun and creative designs so you don't confuse your phone with anyone else's. For example, if your friend is a gamer or a fan of Harry Potter, there are covers that resembled game controllers and the Marauder's map in the Potter films.

Further, if your friend is a girly-girl, there are also cases that look like chic purses and ones with famous fashion designer quotes. However, if the sole purpose of your purchase is to get your friend a heavy duty protector, the driSuit iPhone case can fully function submerged in water.