- Jan 10, 2013
Slim watches are a fantastically simple solution for adding a timepiece without overloading your wrist. Watches have undergone a number of style revolutions over several decades with designs becoming painstakingly thin to overtly large.

What we're seeing more of is a move towards simplistic styles that don't rely on flashy diamonds or oversized bezels to make a statement. Instead, expert craftsmanship is once again gaining popularity with watch makers slimming down designs, but adding an immense level of precision to make sure that each timepiece is both super slim and also feature-rich. There are a number of designs that even do away with time-telling hands all together and instead use lights or other post-modern conceptualizations to keep time. You might find that slim watches are your next must-have accessory to get to your destination in time, but also look chic.

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