From Energy Drink Simulators to Full-Scale Simulators

 - Mar 18, 2011
You may not be a racecar driver, but you could pretend to be one by checking out all of these sleek racecar simulators. Racing simulators have become ultra popular in the last few years, as video games have advanced to a point where driving a car onscreen almost looks the same as driving one in real-life.

Of course, in real-life, however, you don't drive a car with a controller. That's where these sleek race car simulators come in. They let you literally get behind the wheel of your favorite car from your favorite game. Wish driving that Porsche 911 from Gran Turismo 5 didn't feel so artificial? Strap yourself into any one of these realistic racing simulators and play the game how it's supposed to be played. You can thank me later gamers and gearheads.