VRX Mach 4 has 4 XBOX 360s

 - Dec 9, 2007   Updated: Jun 13 2011
References: virtualracerx
Daddy wants: real bad. The VRX (Virtual Racer X) Mach 4 racing environment simulator is a beauty. Three gigantic screens, fans to blow your hair back, sound to blow your ear drums out, feedback steering wheel to enrage your carpal tunnel, and it's networkable. It has FOUR Xbox 360s!

If there is any electronic device to make a driving experience seem real, this system has it.

Implications - There is constant desire for video games to emulate real-life experiences with greater accuracy. Racing simulators allow users to experience things that would be closed off to them in the real world. Companies should consider interactive marketing experiences that trigger a surge of adrenaline to create a deeper connection with their customers.