From Chic Skeletal Clutches to X-Ray Swimsuits

 - May 10, 2013
If you're looking to celebrate the skeletal anatomy of the body, or you just think rib cages, spines, hip bones and knuckles are neat, why not show your cartilage passions some love with skeleton fashion finds? Seductive skeleton fashions are definitely here to stay.

No longer just for Halloween, bone-inspired fashion may come across as dark, eerie and twisted, but elegant enamel-boasting skeleton attire is extremely fascinating. The basis of skeleton-exhilarated garments are to feature realistically printed images or constructions of various life-like body bones within hip design trends. Whether find yourself attracted to a bathing suit replicating a rib cage, spine-like high heels or a clutch with a knuckle-based handle, turn your wardrobe upside down with these cadaverous skeleton fashion finds.