These Withered Wearables are Shuddersome Skeleton Costume Companions

 - Oct 23, 2011
If you're looking to bling out or beef up your skeleton costume to become a seriously bone-ified Halloween get-up, these pieces of underfed anatomical wearables will provide you with that corpse-like component.

Everything from jewelry to jumpsuits are bedazzled with bone outlines and osseous matter to makes the wearer look a little more lean and lugubrious while bringing an eerie elegance. From emaciated evening wear to macabre malnourished socks, shirts and skintight leggings, the basic bone is being turned into a must-have fashion accent for the morbidly body conscious.

In total, the human body is comprised of 206 bones, but this Halloween add a few extra creepy cadaverous creations and upgrade your simple skeleton costume to make a spine-chilling and stylish statement.