From Black Hole Wristwatches to Space Suit Accessories

 - Jul 10, 2013
If you're a diehard movie fanatic and just can't get enough of those intergalactic films, and these Sci-Fi timepieces are a great way to infuse some of that universal magic into your everyday life.

Having a watch with you while on-the-go is a practical way to keep you on schedule during your daily routine, and if you feel like incorporating some nerdy aspects into the design, then these Sci-Fi timepieces will certainly do the trick. A fantastic way to separate your look from the more ordinary and mundane watches, these intergalactic timepieces will definitely have others bending over to take a closer look.

From bounty hunter watches modelled after the infamous Boba Fett character to those designed to look like futuristic space suits, these Sci-Fi timepieces will surely attract individuals looking for some nerdy accessories to add to their collection.