- Oct 3, 2014
This collection of savory yogurt shows how this healthy source of probiotics (in addition to many other nutritional factors) can be used in ways that stray away from more traditional breakfast foods. Although often associated with berries, honey and even granola, there are other ways to use this creamy ingredient. Savory yogurt dishes are not only healthy, but satisfying as well.

Whether it means picking up a cup of savory yogurt flavored like veggies or making a truffle appetizer, there are countless of ways to utilize this different side. What makes savory yogurts even more appealing is the fact that it is great for food presentations. Whether at an intimate gathering or full-out party, savory yogurt dishes liven up a table setting beautifully.

From Usual Vegetable Yogurts to Chunky Pistachio Truffles: