From Spicy He-man Sandwich Spreads to Mayo Margaritas

 - Feb 5, 2013
Nothing adds that extra dose of flavor to your favorite snack or meal quite like sandwich spreads.

There are the traditional spreads like mustard and mayonnaise, which tend to dominate the condiment market. For those looking to stick with this essential staple, the branding is pertinent to businesses marketing strategies. Many drab and boring bottles are getting a revamp with more modernized and fresh labels and campaigns to attract more costumers.

For those who dare to try something different and deviate away from the norm, there are also quite a few odd concoctions waiting for you to try. For example, there are solidified olive oils available instead of butter, or for those with an affinity for spice, there are scorchingly hot sandwich spreads.

So the next time you are making a sandwich, why not branch out and try something different?