From Olympic Champion Parodies to Photoshopped Athletic Attacks

 - Aug 28, 2012
These Ryan Lochte finds cover the Olympic champion's recent Olympic history (both in and out of the pool). The impressive Olympic swimmer has beaten, swum alongside and lost to fellow American Olympian Michael Phelps (currently the world record holder for most medals -- ever).

Ryan Lochte has recently faced some -- ahem -- interesting press surrounding his late-night nudity escapades alongside Prince Harry of England. The two were seen partying and swimming in Vegas following the Summer 2012 Olympics in London, England. Lochte has been the center of many a media firestorm -- from his interesting quotes to risque behaviours, he has proved to be both an inspiring and entertaining figure.

Ryan Lochte has received some impressive endorsements, interesting deals and been the inspiration for thousands of young swimmers. He will inevitably be remembered for both his impressive record and fascinating remarks that have become meme-worthy.