Google London 2012 Search Results of Americans are Mostly Positive

 - Aug 15, 2012
References: mashable & mashable
Perusing the Google London 2012 search results to catch up on the headline stories will be the extent of research into the Games for most proplr. The 'How Google Remembers Top 2012 Olympians' infographic reveals how Google can skew public perception to a drastic degree.

As the prime source of information retrieval, the search engine plays a huge role in how we learn about events around the world. However widespread, dependent relationships should raise some red flags. For example, Michael Phelps is portrayed in a positive light. All the results on the first page sing praises about his most-decorated-of-all-time status, with sites covering his bong fiasco appearing on later pages. In contrast, Ryan Lochte's results show little care for his gold medal over Phelps, rather, they give evidence of his 'airhead' character. Gabby Douglas of the USA also receives mixed attention for both her unruly hair and historic gold medal achievements.

This only goes to show that though the Internet is a phenomenal source for knowledge, one must be careful about what picture is presented on the first page of Google, for it may not be an accurate one.