From Chic Culinary Art Centers to Opulent Glass Eateries

 - May 8, 2015
Simplistic restaurant interiors boast the ability to entice potential customers based on the laid back atmosphere they project. From pristine whiteout interiors that inspire relaxing images of heaven to glass-constructed eateries that radiate opulence, there are numerous examples of how minimalist, understated restaurant interiors can boost the brand and even bring attention to a potential hot spot that isn't getting the notice it deserves.

Falling in line with buzzworthy Scandinavian design trends, there are plenty of applications of understated interior design that use simplistic elements to place the bulk of the consumer's attention on the meal, service and atmosphere.

This predisposition toward seemingly hassle free dining environments and away from cluttered, hectic spaces can be viewed as another application of the movement toward simple, small-batch specialty foods.