From Delightful Retro Raincoats to Gamer Approved Rain Gear

 - Jun 13, 2013
Getting caught in an unexpected downpour can be extremely uncomfortable if you're not prepared, but these flamboyant rain ponchos are thoroughly equipped to keep you nice and dry with its over-the-top and vibrant designs.

While carrying an umbrella is certainly one way to shield yourself from the rain, it often results in your clothing getting wet from wind blowing the water underneath. These rain ponchos however, are creatively designed to be worn over anything you happen to be wearing, covering your outfit in a strikingly flamboyant piece of apparel. From raincoats shaped like colorful 8-bit video game characters to those that resemble bright yellow signs, these eye-catching poncho designs will certainly add some style to your otherwise ordinary rain gear.

Turn a depressing rainy day into a much more entertaining experience by wearing one of these humorously flamboyant rain ponchos.