From Bird-Shaped Drink Shakers to Ringed Martini Mixers

 - Jun 6, 2013
Shaking up a few martinis for your friends at a party can make you feel like a great hostess, and if you're looking to make the experience even more unique, then these quirky cocktail mixers will definitely add an eccentric touch to the alcohol-making experience.

While cocktail shakers are traditionally designed as a sleek cylinder-shaped device, modern day retailers are outfitting these products in a more creative and eye-catching manner in order to attract new consumers. Why blend in with the rest when you can have a cocktail shaker that bursts with style and originality? From mixers that are humorously shaped like graffiti spray paint cans to those that resemble adorable aquatic animals, these quirky cocktail mixers make bartending a party much more visually attractive and entertaining.