- Oct 7, 2014
Even though pumpkin spice lattes have been enjoyed by Starbucks patrons for years, 2014 is the year pumpkin spice recipes exploded. Some brands have even moved beyond the flavor to fake fall condoms, facial treatments and scented products. While pumpkin spice might be most commonly used in a latte format, some people are getting creative and introducing it to other dishes.

It's not taking too much of a leap by sticking to other beverages like fall flavored brews, DIY pumpkin coffee and bubbly pumpkin teas. Others, however, are taking a savory route with their pumpkin spice recipes as evidenced by festive fall burgers and deep fried pumpkin spice latte cubes. You can also stick to confectionary pumpkin spice desserts such as festive pumpkin donuts, decadent squash cookies and spicy java creamy desserts.

From Alternative Autumn Lattes to Miniature Nature-Inspired Desserts: