Rewind to the Days Before Webcams and Cellphone Selfies

 - Mar 18, 2012
For members of Generation Z who are less familiar with the photo booth, it essentially is a primitive version of the Photo Booth program on your Macbook; it didn't cost nearly as much as your laptop (around $3.00) and printed out photos on actual paper in strips you could take home and hang on your mirror. As years passed and technology became more impressive, the traditional stand-up photo booth became obsolete; however, its memory lives on in these nostalgic photo booth finds.

From social media photo booths to photo booth lookbooks, it seems that though the teens are now crowding over their laptops instead of that sweaty little pose-capturing booth in the local mall, its memory lives on. If you're yearning for the days of your youth, check out these nostalgic photo booth finds.