The Dog Photo Booth Snaps Photos of Your Pooch

 - Nov 27, 2008
References: dogphotobooth & urlesque
Sharon Montrose’s ‘The Dog Photo Booth’ pairs two of my favorite obsessions: dogs and photo booths.

The doggie divas in ‘The Dog Photo Booth’ show a wide range of expression in this series; anyone who’s ever owned or spend any time around a dog will recognize their silliness.

My favorite set of images in ‘The Dog Photo Booth’ is the last one in this gallery. Shots of three black-and-white dog breeds (Boston Terrier, Dalmatian and Harlequin Great Dane) are placed together for a set that is visually stunning as well as representative of the diversity within the canine breed: Boston Terriers are tiny pups, while Great Danes are larger than many humans!