From Self-Replenishing Water Basins to Cute Canine Snack Machines

 - Jun 3, 2013
With these pet feeders, dog and cat owners everywhere can provide their furry friends with the best of the best.

Each pet bowl serves a niche function that suits every pet personality. For the anal retentive type-A pets, there are automated pet feeders that ensure meals are distributed at the same time each and every day. Outdoorsy pooches might enjoy the mountain pet accessories, and foldable water and food dishes are perfect for a bonding hike with an adventurous hound. For those pooches who enjoy potty humor, the imitative potty pet bowl is the perfect way to let your pet drink out of a toilet without actually letting them drink potty water.

Regardless of you and your pets' likes and dislikes, there is something for everyone.