The Pedestal Pet Bowl Makes Squatting Unnecessary

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: quirky & 7gadgets
When I first laid eyes on the Pedestal Pet Bowl, my first instinct was to wonder why pampered puppies need to be relieved of the action of bending over for food, but naturally it's the pet owners' benefit for which this contraption has been designed.

Conceived by Marc R, this doggy dish stand comes with a central shaft, and two flanking basins that can be independently raised and lowered. For the master of a larger breed of canine, the Pedestal Pet Bowl may conveniently never drop below the its 19 inch upper limit, making it much easier for him to fill the container with kibble when it's time for the mongrel's meal. On the other hand, a petite puppie's dish can be pulled up for ease of replenishing, then slid down once more so your furry friend can reach it.