The Dip-Dyed Hair Craze Continues to Grow

 - Mar 18, 2012
Though many claim this feminine phenomena is over, ombre hair is evidently here to stay. Ombre hair or dip-dyed tresses basically consist of hair color that follows a gradient pattern, traditionally from dark to light in pretty much any shade. The style boomed in 2010 and has yet to fade since -- pun intended.

The 2012 dip-dyed hairstyle however has less limitation than the original. Where ombre once meant a literal transition from light to dark in various shades of one chosen color, its modern rendition involves an array of colors ranging from the potentially natural to highlighter or pastel shades. Perhaps the most notorious example of multicolor ombre hair can be seen on Lauren Conrad of the Hills.

Ultimately, there is an ombre hairstyle to suit everyone's taste, providing an easy way to update your look.