From Gothic Guns to Victorian Jedi Weaponry

 - Jun 11, 2012
Art is usually peaceful in nature, but that cannot be said about all of these offensive steampunk creations. Steampunk art is odd to say the least, but here it's actually scary. Guns and lightsabers alone are enough to send shivers down even the straightest of spines, but there's just something about adding copper and wood to them that makes them a touch more frightening. The great thing about all of these offensive steampunk creations is that they aren't built to hurt anyone.

Offensive art is more popular than ever, with artist crafting guns out of precious china and samurai swords being the basis for countless crazy objects (for instance, a samurai umbrella) and works of art. Steampunk everything has also gotten more popular, which is why it's not very surprising that there are so many offensive steampunk creations.