From Stiletto Speakers to Human Hair Necklaces

 - Jul 16, 2010   Updated: Jun 9 2011
This cluster of oddball accessories features the kinds of items that add a little weirdness to your wardrobe or home office. Feeling a little dull? How about a reindeer-shaped ring, a bag made out of keyboard keys or watermelon eyelashes? These days, individuality is a valuable asset. Well, from stiletto speakers to human hair necklaces, these oddball accessories will get you noticed -- or institutionalized.

Implications - As people become more comfortable sharing much of their life Online, the battle for originality and personal style rages on. One of the best ways for companies or brands to capitalize on the increasing importance of distinctiveness is by creating novelty fashion accessories or clothing items. By creating something instantly recognizable and difficult to replicate, companies provide consumers with a strong feeling of singularity.