From Giant Table Controllers to Cushy Pillows

 - Jan 30, 2013
The NES controller is one of the most iconic pieces of video game equipment ever. By harnessing the power of this machinery princesses have been rescued, major sporting trophies have been won and universes have been restored back to order. Many people grew up with this little tool of historical weaponry and those same people are just as passionate about it now as they were then.

As a result of the overwhelming nostalgic love for the NES controller, it has been part of an abundance of merchandising, retro-fitting and crossovers. Individuals literally decorate their homes with imagery inspired by this wonderful piece of tech.

Controllers these days are obviously evolved in that they offer a lot more control and ergonomics. Despite this, the NES controller has lived through decades of hundreds of controller designs and stands out as one of the most memorable.