From Geeky Gamer Coolers to Sci-Fi Drink Chillers

 - Jul 27, 2012
These nerdy ice cube trays are the ideal gift for the geeky girl or guy in your life. Serving up casual drinks with ordinary cubes is unlikely to catch the attention of any major George Lucas fan; toss a couple of R2-D2 ice cubes in their beverage and they will be dishing out Jedi mind tricks in no time.

Whether you are partial to the dark force or get excited over Pac-man, there are a number of creative chillers designed to geek-up your drinks. Many of these nerdy ice cube trays are made with a silicone material, providing hosts hassle-free unmolding when it comes time to dish out the goods. They can also be used to create festive jell-o shots or eye-catching chocolate treats.

If you wanna take your upcoming sci-fi marathon to the next level, serve up your drinks with some geeky gamer ice cubes.