From Pocket-Sized Projectors to Abstract Modular Projectors

 - Jan 11, 2018
Projectors are the future of media viewing, and while most are bulky or permanently installed, these are some of the best modular projector options on the market. The thought of being able to carry around a device that can instantly project movies, television shows, or videos is definitely not new to the tech world, but these companies are ahead of the game in creating the smallest, fastest and most modern projectors.

Whether reaching in their pocket and grabbing their smartphone, or showing off their can-sized portable projector, audiences can now watch their favorite shows and movies just about anywhere. With these products, consumers have to ability to enhance their smartphone, or recreate the theater-going experience in the comfort of their own home without having to install an expensive projector.

Thanks to their convenient size and powerful capabilities, these modular projectors are a hit among consumer seeking to enjoy media while on the go.