From Star Wars Mash-Ups to Orc Olympics

J. R. R. Tolkien's mythical land of Middle Earth is perhaps the most iconic fictional world ever created. Due to its mass popularity it has been mimicked and parodied time and time again.

Many artists have chosen to mash-up Lord of the Rings with other famous pop culture movies. In one depiction, Yoda replaces Gandalf and faces off against the demonic Balrog. TeeFury even designed a t-shirt that combines Darth Vader, The Terminator and The Ring all into one character. Perhaps the greatest of the Lord of the Rings projects was when Emil Johansson attempted to put every single character from Middle Earth's lore into one massive family tree.

With the latest installment of the Lord of Rings series soon to be released, the Middle Earth craze with only continue to grow.